SpinnerCMS Basic Guide

Click here to login to the SpinnerCMS application. Enter your username and password, then click Sign In. If your username and password are correct, you will go to the Dashboard page

On the left, there are the Articles and Create New Article menus. Click Article to see a list of articles that you have created. Click Create New Article, well, of course to create a new article.

Let’s Create New Articles

Click Create New Article, you will go to the Create New Article page. Enter a title and a few paragraphs, then click Count Word.
The application will count the number of words, for free members the maximum initial word is 500 words, while paid members are 1500 initial words.

Click Continue so that the article is processed by the server. You will be moved to the Article list page.

Wait a few moments, usually every 100 words takes about 15 seconds. So if you input 500 words then it takes 75 seconds. You can try to refresh the browser every one minutes.

When the article has been processed, you can start selecting synonyms in Spin Studio. Click the Green Button in the Actions section.

In Spin Studio, you can click each word to select an alternative word.

Click on words in Choose Synonyms to select several synonyms. To delete them, you can scrape the words in the Chosen Synonyms. You can also delete the current word by clicking the Delete This Word button. When finished selecting synonyms, you can click Close.
Don’t forget to click Save Article every few moments so that the synonym you choose is saved.

Click the + sign between words to add words between words. Select a word and click Apply or Close to cancel.

When you’ve finished selecting synonyms for various words, go back to the Articles menu,

The article will be processed by the server, it is indicated by the word waiting.

Click the refresh button at the top left of the article list. Usually every 100 words that are sent takes 10 seconds, so if you submit 300 words then you can try to refresh the list of articles every 30 seconds.

Click the yellow spin button to get spintax format or generate spun articles.

Click the Spin icon to re-generate the word from Spintax. Click the copy icon to copy text.

That’s it, you can create articles that are unique but still easy to read.